AeroIT and Rapid Response Solutions with Airborne IT

AirborneIT provides cost effective, high quality, structured support and delivery services as well as a Rapid Response IT capability to Government agencies and remote communities. Each service and resource deployed comes with a unique set of skills depending on requirements of the client in remote and regional WA communities, in addition to each resource being a certified pilot.

Here are some of our AeroIT and Rapid Response solutions that are "closing the gap" in access for regional communities:

Increasing engagement with school children, especially Indigenous children, in remote communities

We utilise technologies such as the Oculus Rift VR to Engage Indigenous students and increase the level of excitement about learning , this has the added bonus of increased attendance in school and to actually have fun whilst learning.

Rapid response capabilities to increase delivery of essential services

We currently facilitate major Internet Service Delivery Projects and Refresh Projects under GovNext in remote communities across the state with future pipeline work that involves a national presence. Our ability to get anywhere anytime reduces downtime to hours vs weeks when it comes to fixing IT issues or implementing and deploying IT hardware and software.

Supporting survival and growth of regional businesses

For example, recently at Port Hedland, we worked to connect the entire IT system for a local hotel - EFTPOS facilities, online bookings and orders - so that they can operate effectively and profitably. Prior to that they were receiving IT support via the phone from a metro consultancy and the
proprietors were not able to implement all the technical requirements via the phone. Our services became the lifeline between operating and shutting down for this local business.

Continued plan for Closing the Gap 

Our ongoing objective, and one of our method of showcasing innovation, is to build additional partnerships with state and national government ICT providers who have the contracts to deliver regional services. We also plan to align with bigger organisations like GovNext, working with regional government networks e.g. WA Country Health Associations. 

And now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, we are planning to increase services to remote communities in NT and Central Australia