Partnerships key to delivering essential services to WA regions

Most of us would have come across the saying of (or something similar to): “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” 

At Airborne IT, we certainly believe in this. Closing the gap in essential services through the provision of IT hardware, support and equipment for regional and remote communities in WA is core to what we do!

We recognise our strength in achieving this goal is via our unique AeroIT capabilities, making it possible for us to provide regular visits or rapid response by a team of remote IT specialists, technicians and pilots to their sites.

Now we realise we are not able to deliver a range of services that regional communities need ourselves, nor can other big companies sustain an AeroIT department to be able to offer cost effective, on the ground support that we offer.

That’s why, we believe that partnerships are key to delivering equality in support between metropolitan, regional and remote and/or Aboriginal communities.

Let us show you how!

Anytime, anywhere support with Frontline Technology Services

We know the world doesn’t operate on a 9am - 5pm schedule. Technology advances have made it possible, more than ever, to be able to access IT assistance, whenever, wherever.

Due to the enormity of the WA state, flying out to regional or remote communities for simple fixes isn’t cost effective or accessible. And because we are all about accessibility, a partnership with one of WA’s respected Managed Services providers - Frontline Technology Services - made sense!

Through this partnership, we are now able to provide regional communities with 24/7/365 help desk service. 

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Closing the gap through big IT infrastructure with NEC

Big IT infrastructure projects through the WA Government requires a full process and range of capabilities. These projects are definitely one of the most important ways to close the gap, one community at a time.

So, a partnership with a multinational such as NEC - who offer agile business solutions for organisations to work remotely and drive success - has been another way we are able to further our close the gap mission!

Since 2020, we’ve been working with NEC to install and maintain ground satellites for a frontline and essential government agency provider all across the State.

Increasing access to STEM education for regional students with Atos

Australia’s Chief Scientist - Dr Alan Finkel - once commented that by 2022 STEM jobs will see a 30% increase but 70% of Australian students in STEM degree programs drop out of them and this figure is likely to be more weighted towards regional or remote learners.

Accessing real life STEM experiences is even harder for regional and remote communities due to costs and of course, the tyranny of distance.

To close this gap in STEM education, we’ve been working with Atos - a multinational digital transformation leader - to deliver VR education, focused on STEM learning at regional and remote schools around WA.
Find out more about our recent Wheatbelt schools roadshow.

Face to face IT support

Last year, one of our pilots and technicians was in Port Hedland assisting a local hotel set up their IT systems. Frustrated that their original provider - located in South Australia - was only able to provide remote, phone support, they almost gave up and went back to paper and pen!

Face to face IT support is still important, especially in regional communities where an IT specialist might not be a role that exists in schools, offices or businesses.

That’s why our new partnership with CDM Australia is important in delivering essential IT and rapid response services.

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We’re ready to partner!

If your business or service is looking to amplify your customer service and/or offerings within regional WA, we’d love to hear how we can help make that happen together. Get in touch.